Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan

The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan is a community planning project that will have the potential to drive investment into the Upper Murray by identifying projects and their potential to build regional long term sustainability, prosperity and health.

Upper Murray 2030

The Victorian State Government has contributed $150,000 towards the Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan through Regional Development Victoria. Tumbarumba Shire Council and Towong Shire Council have also made financial contributions towards the project. There are a number of communities in the south of Tumbarumba shire, such as Khancoban, Tooma and Jingellic which, although located in NSW, are strongly linked to Victoria, and Corryong in particular. The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan is a cross border project that encompassing the Upper Murray on both sides of the Murray River.

Upper Murray 2030 map

The project was championed by Upper Murray Business Incorporated in partnership with Upper Murray Health and Community Services, Towong Shire Council and Tumbarumba Shire Council as well as key members of the local community.  A similar project, the Tallangatta Tomorrow Masterplan, has generated over $6 million of funding into Tallangatta as a result of comprehensive planning and community consultation.

A steering group and community reference groups have been established to advise on the best strategies for local community consultation, provide feedback on progress and as an avenue for communication.

Council believes that the Upper Murray has enormous potential for economic development and diversification. The community is currently experiencing a range of challenges brought about by structural changes in the agricultural sector, changing demographics as the population ages and an increased focus on tourism. The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan aims to refocus the community on the opportunities that exist and to create a blueprint for future investment and action that will reflect the community’s vision for the region.

Upper Murray community members are encouraged to fill out an online community survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/UM2030.

For more details, and to stay up to date with this important project, please join the Upper Murray 2030 facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UM2030 or twitter #UM2030.