Today town of Khancoban has a population of around 280, and retains its distinct Snowy Hydro character. It is the headquarters of the Murray region of the scheme, overseeing the nearby Murray 1 and 2 power stations and Khancoban Lake.  The town is also developing a reputation as an excellent base from which to enjoy the Snowy Mountains and the beautiful Upper Murray region. The crisp fresh air, spectacular mountain peaks and the crystal clear streams and pondage add to its attraction as a unique holiday destination for all seasons.

For social activities visit the Alpine Inn, on the Alpine Way, and the Khancoban Country Club in Mitchell Avenue.

Tennis courts are nearby and available for public use.

In the shopping centre you will find the Khancoban CTC, with internet acess, the Post Office, Shane O's cafe, a toy library, the Op Shop, and Chemist.

There is Boat Ramp on Khancoban Pondage with adjoining picnic and swimming areas, and this is a favourite meeting place for locals and visitors who enjoy fishing and water sports.

Food and Services


Khancoban Alpine Inn, Alpine Way 02 6076 9471

Khancoban Roadhouse Alpine Cafe 02 6076 9400

Shane O’s, Shopping Centre 02 6076 9007


Internet, Khancoban CTC,...

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Proudly raising money for Angel Flight and supporting community based projects for Khancoban community.

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Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan

The Upper Murray 2030 Vision Plan is a community planning project that will have the potential to drive investment into the Upper Murray by identifying projects and their potential to build regional long term sustainability, prosperity and heal...

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