Khancoban Rose Garden

In 1959 it was decided that Khancoban be established as a permanent township. Len McInnes, then in charge of Parks and Gardens for the then Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority was given the task of designing gardens and parks with a distinctive difference for each of the S.M.A townships.

The choice for Khancoban was the establishment of a public rose garden. It would be one of the very few rose gardens in Australia at that time. This would be a unique amenity for local residents, as well as the many visitors to the Scheme staying overnight in an isolated township.

Planting of 1500 roses was carried out over two years and completed by 1961. According to Len, the gardens had to be large enough to create a visual impact, and to represent as many types of roses as possible. Roses were clumped together in groups of 5-7, and grouped for colour rather than for varieties.

The rose garden was named in honour of the S.M.H.E.A's Commissioner’s wife, Lady Eileen Hudson. This was to acknowledge the encouragement she gave to gardening throughout the Snowy Mountains area. Today, the rose garden is a popular site for weddings, and a lovely spot to visit while in Khancoban.